Micro Drilling

Micro Drilling Systems are used in the microelectronics, microfluidics, semiconductor, LED, medical devices, and PV industries. The systems combine precision part-moving stages, high-resolution alignment systems and application-optimized lasers with IPG’s proprietary software to provide high-throughput and high drilling accuracies.


The Micro Drilling products cover semiconductor materials, metals, ceramics and polymers. Each product has laser and beam delivery design optimized for a specific application, and can be configured for manual or automatic operation, allowing customers to buy exactly the application solution they need.


The IX-280-C system is designed for microelectronic and specialized semiconductor packaging applications involving drilling and cutting or scribing of ceramics and other commonly used electronic packaging materials. Supporting via drilling rates up to 3,000 holes/sec in 100 µm alumina, and having capabilities for scribing 380 µm alumina at rates up to 300 mm/sec,  and cutting at 250 mm/sec, the IX-280-C provides high-speed processing of sub-100 µm features parts that are challenging for traditional laser processing tools.

The same drilling and cutting capabilities are available in the IX-280-ML, a similar platform that can be configured with two different laser types, allowing successive but different machining functions to be performed in the same system, eliminating a part-handling and alignment process.

IX-280-C Features

Drilling rates exceeding 3,000 holes/sec for 100 µm alumina

Hole sizes down to 15 µm in 380 µm alumina

Precision vision and motion systems for accurate machining

Powerful and easy to use software supporting broad application mix

Up to two lasers for process flexibility and elimination of part handling time
Process area up to 300 x 300 mm
Base Platform
Class 1 laser system with integrated laser, heavy duty weldment frame, all-granitevibration isolation platform and beam delivery support structure in a 1000 mm × 1220 mm footprint
Laser 1070 nm QCW, power selectable at time of order; typically 150/1500 W or 300/3000 W
Beam Delivery FLC-D30 Cutting Head or FLC Micro Cutting Head

Part Handling

Motion Control Electronics Additional 4- or 8-axes of motion, required for automation of some options

X-Y Stage Specifications

300 mm x 330 mm; Accuracy: ±5 μm over 125 μm travel
(±3 μm Optional); Repeatability: <1.0 μm

Z-theta Adjust

Choice of standard or high performance manual and motorized Z-theta stages

Lathe Stage (Optional) Rotary stage for round parts up to 10 mm diameter; mounts to standard X-Y stage

Beam Formation and Scanning

Beam Delivery Fiber delivery to cutting head

Laser Optics

Beam demagnification or expansion optics to support target application

Thermal Cutting/ Weld Head
Integrated gas jet assembly, two process gasses supported, options include lens focal lengths and nozzle diameters

Beam Characterization

Power Meter

On-target power meter and data logging enables programmable measurement and adjustment

Vision System and Alignment

Dual Camera MicroTech Vision System with 8.3 and 0.12 μm/ pixel process and inspection camera respectively

Programmable Illumination

Programmable control of lighting intensity for automated optimization of imaging and alignment


Options for automated part alignment, beam-camera alignment and in-process positional adjustment

IX-280-C DatasheetIX-280-ML Datasheet


The IX-255 systems are used in the biomedical sensor industryfor drilling of precise geometry holes in glass, polymers and other difficult to machine substrates. Offering minimum hole sizes down to 2 µm diameterwith sub-micron relative placement accuracy, these systems provide highmanufacturing yield on components with extreme quality demands. When configured for high fluence, the IX-255 delivers UV beam energy densities up to 25 J/cm2 . The workstations are used for manufacturing of microfluidic devices, electrophoresis sensors and fluid filters. The systems also have wide applicability in Advanced and Scientific R&D labs where they provide cutting, drilling and patterning capabilities for a vast range of material types.

IX-255 Features

High beam energy density for broad machining applications
Good beam uniformity and beam intensity control for process repeatability
UV processing for minimal heat generation in polymers
IPG Proprietary UV laser and beam delivery systems
Highly accurate 3-axes motion system for precise placement
Motion Control Electronics  Up to 8-axes of Servo or Step Motor Control, integrated into
 single interface for all motorized components as well as the laser fire mechanism

X-Y Part Positioning Stage

 Linear Glass Scale Encoders; Linear Motor Servo Drive System
X-Y Stage Specifications  Travel: Up to 125 mm Diameter Standard, Optional up to 150 mm
 Resolution: 0.1 μm
 Accuracy: ±5 μm over 125 × 125 mm travel
 Repeatability: <1.0 μm (bidirectional)
Z-theta Wafer Alignment Stage  Step Motor Drive System for both Z- and Theta-axes
Z-axis Stage Specifications  Travel: 10.0 mm
 Resolution: 0.25 μm
 Accuracy: 5.0 μm 
 Repeatability: ±4.0 μm (bidirectional)
Theta-axis Stage Specifications  Travel: ±175°
 Resolution: 0.001°
 Accuracy: ±0.02°
 Repeatability: ±0.003°
Video Microscope System   MicroTech Camera Assembly
 OXC Camera for On-target Process Viewing
 High Magnification Inspection Camera

 Energy Density

248 nm Beam Size

193 nm Beam Size

High Fluence

25 J/ cm2

50 x 100 µm 40 x 80 µm
Medium Fluence 10 J/ cm2 80 x 160 µm 65 x 130 µm
Large Field 2.0 J/ cm2  175 x 350 µm  140 x 280 µm
Extended Field (Homogenizer Option) 1.5 J/ cm2 500 x 500 µm 400 x 400 µm
Extended Field Size 

Beam Homogenizer Providing Controlled Beam Energy Uniformity over Larger Field Size;
Optimized for >2x system throughput in Lower-fluence Applications

Programmable Rectangular Variable Aperture

Enabling Continuously Adjustable Size of Rectangular Shaped Beams
Stage Options Air-bearing X-Y Stage Upgrade, Spindle Stage, Mask Positioner
Wavelength Conversion Kits Laser Wavelength Conversion (Requires IPG Service Engineer Support)
Optional Components

Beam Profilometers, Pulse-to-pulse Energy Monitor, System Logging Capabilities, Power Conditioning Units

IX-255 Datasheet 

    IPG’s IX-280-ML is designed for R&D and advanced processing environments where machining versatility and precision are key system requirements. Supporting up to two laser types in a single Class 1 workstation the IX-280-ML comprises part-handling stages, vision systems and control electronics, integratedwith either one or two lasers.

Each laser is equipped with its own beam delivery system appropriate for the application, with options including fixed focusedbeam, fixed shaped beam, scanning galvanometer and thermal cutting heads. Fiber-delivery and free-space lasers are supported.

Laser choices include wavelengths from 193 to 1070 nm, and pulse durations from picosecond to long-nanosecond and CW. With multiple beam delivery options appropriate for each type of laser, complementary laser/beam formation configurations can be selected to provide the widest possible combination of machining capabilities within a single workstation.

IX-280-ML Features

Two independent lasers and beam delivery systems for maximum process flexibility

Fiber-delivery and free-space lasers are supported

Precision vision and motion systems for accurate machining
Powerful and easy to use software supporting broad application mix
Fixed beam, Shaped Beam, Scanning Beam and Cutting/Welding head options
Process areas up to 300 x 300 mm


IX-280-ML, WxD, mm

1200 x 1000
49 x 40

Additional 900 mm (36 in.)

service access required on all sides

Laser Rack*, WxD, mm

810 x 560
32 x 22

Locate within 6 m (20 ft.) of the workstation

Chiller*, WxD, mm

50 x 370
20 x 15

Locate within 3 m (10 ft.) of laser

*Typical requirements; external laser rack and chiller may not be required in all cases.
Consult IPG for exact layout details of specific tool configurations.


Electrical Power, Workstation

208 V (3 phases, neutral, ground)

5.4 kVA

Electrical Power, Fiber Laser

200-240 V (Single phase)

14 A

Process Gas

Up to 3 gasses

2070 kPa (300 psi), 56 l/min. (120 SCFH)

BDS Purge Gas (UV Lasers) Dependent on laser model  
Laser Gas (UV MicroX Lasers only) Nitrogen 
Compressed Air Dry, Filtered <1 μm 25 kPa (7.5 Hg), 30 l/min. (1 cfm)
Vacuum May be required for part holding 25 kPa (7.5 Hg), 30 l/min. (1 cfm)
Workstation Ventilation 300-600 l/min (10-20 scfm)
Process Area Ventilation 300-1200 l/min (10-40 scfm),

5.5 kPa (1.62 in Hg)

Laser Configurations

  Cutting Head Fixed Beam  Galvanometer
Quasi-CW Yes Focused Shaped Yes
Nanosecond Pulsed   Yes Yes Yes
Picosecond Pulsed   Yes Yes Yes
UV-MicroX     Yes  

Workstation Parameters


Fully interlocked CDRH Class 1 system including weldment frame, granite latform with beam
delivery support, control electronics, pneumatics & motion and beam delivery systems

Work Envelope under Beam

Cutting Head:
Fixed Beam:



X: 300 mm (12 in.)
X: 300 mm (12 in.) Y: 300 mm (12 in.)
X: 300 mm (12 in.) Y: 300 mm (12 in.) with part rotation
X: 195 mm (7.6 in.) Y: 300 mm (12 in.) no part rotation
100 mm (4 in.)

Motion Platform

X, Y Stage:



Z-theta Stage:


Cutting Head Z-stage:


Linear Recirculating Ball Slides; Linear Motors and Encoders

Resolution: 100 nm Velocity: 750 mm/sec
Accuracy: ≤ ±5 μm Full Travel (≤ ±2 μm Optional)
Bidirectional Repeatability: 0.9 μm

Crossed Roller, Servo Driven
Resolution: Z: 500 nm, Theta 17.5 μrad
Travel: 10 mm
Accuracy: Z: 7 μm, Theta 500 μrad Full Travel

Bidirectional Repeatability: Z: ±3.5 μm, Theta ±50 μrad
Travel: 100 mm
Velocity: 12 mm/sec
Accuracy: 8 μm
Repeatability: ±3 μm

Cutting Head Focal point cutting and drilling, integrated on-target camera and gas jet assembly with replaceable cover slide; options include lens focal length and nozzle diameter
Fixed Objective Imaging, scribing and focal point processing. Integrated video microscope and inspectioncamera and on-target video camera. Sub-micron imaging objective options

Focal point processing. 24-bit resolution scanner with on-target video camera.
100 mm focal length lens supplied as standard (approx. 60x60 mm deflection field)
Max F-theta working distance 500 mm. Other lenses available upon request.

Controls/ Interface 15 in. touch screen video monitor, full-size keyboard and mouse on workstation mounted ergo arm. Chroma.NET proprietary E95 style graphical user interface and parallel processing software running on quad core processor
Process Gas

Electronically controlled pressure regulator for three process gasses up to 300 psi (2,070 kPa)
Third process gas control option.

Stage Enhancements

High performance X-Y and Z-Theta stages, stage mapping and correction,
lathe stage for parts up to 10 mm dia and custom-designed part holders

Galvanometer Temperature Control Closed-loop galvanometer temperature control for critical accuracy applications
UV Fixed Beam Delivery

Beam homogenizer option providing controlled beam energy uniformity over larger field
size, “line beam” for high-speed scribing, custom imaging designs

Alignment Automation

Functionality for automated part and beam-to-camera alignment,
automated vision illumination control and in-process positional adjustment

Beam Measurement & Formation

Power meters, beam profilometry, programmable apertures and attenuators,
pulse-to-pulse energy monitoring and data logging

Light Tower System status indicator with three light colors; each with off, solid or flashing conditions
Power Conditioners

Range of power conditioning units for voltage regulation and improved immunity to mainsborne

Gas Cabinets Gas delivery systems to maintain quality of ultra high purity laser gasses (UV MicroX only)
IX-280-ML Datasheet


The IX-6100-PCD is a high precision workstation for high-speed drilling of ceramic probe card guide plates.

Serving an industry where high-hole-count parts are proliferating, the IX-6100-PCD is specifically engineered to deliver required feature size control and placement accuracy at industry-leading throughput of less than 1 second per hole for 250 μm silicon nitride.

With integrated metrology and automated calibrations, the IX-6100-PCD typically achieves  <6 µm DTP placement accuracy (3σ) for parts exceeding 25,000  holes.

IX-6100-PCD Features

Proprietary Beam Delivery for Controlled  Hole Taper and Feature Size Control
Minimum Feature Sizes Down to 30 x 30 µm (200 µm SiN)
Minimum Wall Thickness 15 µm
Maximum Hole Taper < 15 µm
Micro-holes, Large Features and Serialized Marking Within the Same Job


Frame and Enclosure Fully enclosed Class I laser system, heavy duty weldment frame integrates laser, beam delivery system and control electronics into a single 1 m x 1.9 m footprint; includes casters and leveling feet with vibration isolation pads
Beam Delivery System for Wafer Dicing All Granite Beam Delivery Support Structure
Patented optical beam delivery configuration for ultra narrow scribing kerf; Vibration isolating mounting platform for wafer stages and beam delivery optics; Stiffness and large thermal mass of granite structure prevent changes in beam delivery system alignment over time; Pneumatic, 2 position Laser Beam Stop; Precision optic mounts for stability and ease of adjustment; Select grade UV optics
Motion Control Electronics   Up to 8-axes of Servo or Step Motor Control, integrated into single interface for all motorized components as well  as the laser fire mechanism

Air-bearing X-Y Part Positioning Stage 

 Linear Glass Scale Encoders; Linear Motor Servo Drive System
X-Y Stage Specifications 

 Travel: Up to 200 mm Diameter Processing Area
 Optional Stages: Compatible up to 300 mm Wafer Processing
 Resolution: 0.1 μm
 Accuracy: ±3 μm over 125 x 125 mm Processing Area
 Repeatability: ±1.5 μm over 125 x 125 mm Processing Area

Z-theta Wafer Alignment Stage  Motorized Z-theta System
Z-axis Stage Specifications   Travel: 10.0 mm
 Resolution: 50 nm
 Accuracy: ±2.5 μm 
 Repeatability: 1.5 μm (bidirectional)
Theta-axis Stage Specifications   Travel: ±175°
 Resolution: 3.6 μrad
 Accuracy: 300 μrad overall. 25 μrad/° 
 Repeatability: ±5.0 μrad
Video Microscope System   MicroTech Camera Assembly
 OXC Camera for On-target Process Viewing
 High Magnification Inspection Camera
Programmable Illumination   Programmable Control of Lighting Intensity for Automated Imaging and Alignment
Optional Equipment**  Automated Cassette Load/ Unload System
Wafer Pre-aligner Features Vision System with Automatic Part Alignment
Database Connectivity Software; Optional 12-axes of motion
On-target Power Meter; Laser Calibration Power Meter/ Beam Stop
Debris Management System; Pulse Energy Monitor for Missing Pulse Detection

** Please discuss with your sales representative for more details

IX-6100-PCD Datasheet


The IX-3000 systems are used for micro-via drilling and patterning and cutting of thin films used in microfluidic devices and sensors for the biomedical sensor and ink-jet printing industries.

Designed for large-area high-resolution processing using economical optics, the system is optimized for high-speed production operation leading to lowest cost-per-part processing.

Frequently supplied as an automated reel-to-reel processing station, the IX-3000 can also be configured with cassette-to-cassette or robotic loading options for other format parts.

IX-3000 Features

High-resolution UV Processing  for Minimal Heat Generation in Polymers
Proprietary Large-field Beam Delivery for High Throughput
Highly Accurate 3-axes Motion System for Precise Placement
Tape and Reel Handling and Automated Feature Alignment for Unattended Operation
Frame and Enclosure Fully enclosed Class 1 laser system, heavy duty weldment frame integrates laser, beam delivery system and control electronics into a single 2.5 m x 3.25 m footprint with an internally mounted laser, up to  6.29 m x 3.25 m externally mounted laser high pulse energy UV laser configurations (included in footprint) 

Available Wavelengths, nm

High Pulse Energy UV Lasers: 193 or 248; Fiber Lasers: 355, 532, 1070 or 1550

Beam Delivery System for Wafer Dicing All Granite Beam Delivery Support Structure
Vibration isolating mounting platform for part handling stages and beam delivery optics;
Stiffness and large thermal mass of granite structure prevent changes in beam delivery system alignment over time; Pneumatic, 2 position Laser Beam Stop; Precision optic mounts for stability and ease of adjustment; Select grade UV optics; available Components include Variable Attenuator, Mask Changers, Rectangular Variable Apertures- manual or motorized, Homogenizers
Motion Control Electronics Up to 12-axes of Servo or Step Motor Control, Integrates into a 
Single Interface for all Motorized Components as well as the Laser Fire Mechanism

Air-bearing X-Y Part Positioning Stage

Linear Glass Scale Encoders; Linear Motor Servo Drive System
X-Y Stage Specifications Travel: 250 mm (X) x 200 mm (Y) Processing Area (Note: Y-axis travel may be limited for certain material handling applications)
Optional Stages: 400 mm x 400 mm Travel
Resolution: 0.1 μm
Accuracy: ±3 μm over 150 mm travel
Repeatability: <1 μm (bidirectional)
Air-bearing Mask Changer X-Y Positioning Stage Travel: 150 mm (X) x 150 mm (Y) Processing Area; Larger travel stages available upon request. Includes Manual (motorized, optional) Rotational Adjuster, Mask Cassette and Mask Alignment CCD Camera
Video Microscope System

MicroTech Camera Assembly
OXC Camera for On-target Process Viewing
High Magnification Inspection Camera
Optional Film Edge Detection Cameras, Optional Mask Alignment Camera

Optional Equipment** Database Connectivity Software; Dual Beam Profilometry
Debris Management System
Nitrogen Purging of Tape and Reel Module and Humidity Monitoring Systems
** Please discuss with your sales representative for more details
IX-3000 Datasheet


Cutting and Drilling: Sapphire, Ceramics, Metals, Glass, Polymers and Semiconductor Materials Selective Material Removal: Parylene, Polyimide, Polymers
3-D Micromachining Glass/Polymer Microfluidics Laser Lift-off (LLO): GaN, GaAIN, etc.
Patterning of ITO and other Thin-films