Wafer Annealing


The IX-6100-G Annealing systems are used in LED and the specialized semiconductor manufacturing for annealing and dopant activation and ohmic contact formation applications.


Offering high-repetition rate UV beam scanning, with micron level beam placement accuracy, these systems provide highly localized selective surface heating of temperature sensitive materials.


Application include Sensors and Detectors, silicon carbide (SiC) and Wide Bandgap (WBG) devices.



Class 1 Laser Safety Enclosure
Highly accurate pulse control for precise dosage
High-precision vision and motion systems for step-and-scan exposures
Wafer sizes up to 200 mm standard (300 mm optional)
Fully programmable with automated part handling options for unattended operation
Frame and Enclosure

Fully enclosed Class I laser system, heavy duty weldment frame integrates laser, beam
delivery system and control electronics into a single 1 M x 1.9 M footprint; includes
casters and leveling feet with vibration isolation pads

Available Wavelengths Selectable based on Application Requirements
Beam Delivery System

All Granite Beam Delivery Support Structure
Patented optical beam delivery configuration for ultra narrow scribing kerf; Vibration
isolating mounting platform for wafer stages and beam delivery optics; Stiffness and
large thermal mass of granite structure prevent changes in beam delivery system
alignment over time; Pneumatic, 2 position Laser Beam Stop; Precision optic mounts for
stability and ease of adjustment; select grade UV optics

Motion Control Electronics

Up to 12-axes of Servo or Step Motor Control, integrated into single interface for all
motorized components as well as the laser fire mechanism

Air-bearing X-Y Part Positioning Stage Linear Glass Scale Encoders; Linear Motor Servo Drive System
X-Y Stage Specifications

Travel: Up to 200 mm diameter processing area
Optional Stages: Compatible up to 300 mm wafer processing
Resolution: 0.1 μm
Accuracy: ±3 μm over 150 mm travel
Repeatability: <1 μm (bidirectional)

Z-theta Wafer Alignment Stage  Motororized Z-theta System 
Galvanometer Working Distance  Adjustable up to 300 
Z-axis Specifications   Travel: 10.0 mm; Resolution: 0.25 μm
Accuracy: 5.0 μm; Repeatability: 1.5 μm (bidirectional)
Theta-axis Specifications 

Travel: ±175°; Resolution: 3.6 μrad
Accuracy: 300 μrad overall. 25 μrad/°; Repeatability: ±5.0 μrad 

Video Microscope System   MicroTech Camera Assembly
OXC Camera for On-target Process Viewing; High Magnification Inspection Camera
Optional Equipment** 

Automated Cassette Load/ Unload System
Wafer Pre-aligner Features Vision System with Automatic Part Alignment
Database Connectivity Software
On-target Power Meter; Laser Calibration Power Meter/ Beam Stop
Debris Management System
** Please discuss with your sales representative for more details

IX-6100-G Datasheet