Standalone Cell

Laser Hardening Cell


Laser hardening increases the lifetime of components subjected to wear in operation. Laser hardening improves wear resistance, heat resistance, residual stresses in the hardened layer, the mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance. Laser hardeneing is applied locally to minimize heat input in surrounding areas.

The FL-HARD-P Laser Hardening Cell is designed for surface laser hardening. The machine can be used as both a local standalone product as well as part of production lines.



Coordinate system based on linear drivers ensures high dynamics and accuracy
High productivity amd reliability 
Low energy consumption and low cost of ownership
Minimum maintanance
Fiber Laser Power, kW 2

Maximum Speed of the Optical Head, m/min

up to 12
X-Y-Z Axis Travel Span, mm 1300 × 1300 × 500
Accuracy Along X and Y Axis, mm < 0.2*
Repeatability Along X and Y Axis, mm < ±0.1*
Maximum Weight, kg 1600
Supply Voltage 380 V +6% / -10%, 50 Hz

* Per 1 meter of travel and accounting for thermal expansion 


• IPG Fiber Laser

• IPG Laser Cooling System

• IPG Optical Head

• Portal LaserHard

• Filtering Equipment

• Voltage Regulator

• Cell Enclosure

• Management software installation and setup technological modes


Cutting and Drillling Tools Automobile Industry
Press Forming Tools  Aerospace Industry 
Medical Device Manufacturing   Defense Industry