5-Axis Laser Processing


FL-CUT-5D laser processing machine is intended for cutting of holes, slots and complex contours in metal parts of different shapes. FL-CUT-5D machine can be used as a standalone individually maintained unit or as a part of production lines.

CNC unit equipped with controller, which have surface tracking option, makes it possible to perform 5-axis control and processing operations.



Coordinate system based on linear drivers application ensures high dynamic and accuracy characteristics

High system productivity and reliability
Low energy consumption and operating costs
Minimal engineering and routine maintenance
Fiber laser output power, kW 2 to 6 kW
Working area (X, Y, Z), mm 1,400 × 2,500 × 850
Maximum diameter of processed workpiece, mm 2,000
Maximum height of workpiece, mm 500
Maximum wall thickness, mm 20
Machine overall dimensions, mm 7,000 × 7,000 × 4,000
Machine weight (ready for operation), kg 6600
Positioning repeatability, mm/m ± 0.1
Required contour repeatability, mm ± 0.025
Laser processing machine power supply 380 V (+6%, -10%), 50 Hz

Console for process gas handling enables connection of 3 mains with automatic regulation of output gas pressure. They are air/nitrogen mains (pressure from 0.3 to 16 atm) and oxygen main (pressure from 0.3 to 6 atm).

Supplied filter ventilation unit is intended for dry cleaning of air from dust in the circulation mode. It is equipped with spark-proof dust removal system and automatic system for panel filters blow off by compressed air stream.

A stationary protective enclosure comes standard with the laser processing machine to protect personnel against direct, scattered and reflected laser radiation (according to GOST 31581-2012). The protective enclosure has inspection windows. Access to cutting area is locked during machine automatic operation. Machine is equipped with video surveillance system.

• IPG fiber laser
• Laser cooling system
• 3-axis gantry type coordinate system based on linear synchronous motors application
• IPG optical rotating cutting head
• Laser manipulator control cabinet and relevant software
• Filter ventilation unit
• Softwarefor machine control and process parameters adjustment
• Compressor
• Voltage stabilizer


Engineering industry Space industry
Automotive industry Shipbuilding industry
Power plant industry Aircraft industry