Materials Processing
Single-mode Fiber Lasers
YLM Series
YLR-SM Series
YLR -LP Series
ELR Series
TLR Series
Multi-mode Fiber Lasers
YLR Series
YLS Series
YLM Multi-mode Series
Optical Coupling, Switching & Sharing
High Power Collimators
IPG Photonics' Fiber Laser Advantages
Nano Pulsed Fiber Lasers
YLPN 1.5 ns, 100 W
YLPN 25-100 ns, 10-100 W
YLPN 1-10 mJ, 100-500 W
YLPN 2-100 mJ, 100-1000 W
YLPN 120 ns, 4 kW
Quasi CW Fiber Lasers
QCW Single-mode Fiber Lasers
QCW Multi-mode Fiber Lasers
Direct Diode
Mid-Infrared Lasers
Co2+:ZnS, Co2+:ZnS and Cr2+:ZnSe Passive Q-Switches
Fe2+:ZnSe and Fe2+:ZnS Passive Q-Switches
FFML Series
Ho:YAG Pulsed Mid-IR Laser
HPTLM Series
MidIR Microwelder
NLTLM-Fe:ZnSe Series
PFFL FeZnSe Series
RTLM Series
SFTL Series
TM:ZnSe/S Series
CLPF Series Femtosecond Laser
Telecom Products
EAU Series
RLM Series Raman Laser Modules
Rack Mounted Subsytems
EAR Series - 1 RU
EAR Series - 2 RU
EAR Series: Two Way Multiport EDFAs
EAR Series Booster EDFA Amplifiers for Long-Haul Systems
RLR Series Raman Laser Rack Mount
RLR Series Raman Laser Rack Mount
RLM Series Raman Laser Modules
Desktop Configurations
EAD Series 40-500 mW
EAD Series 0.5-5 W
RLD Series
EAU Series
EAR Series: 1RU Rack Mount Fiber Amplifiers
EAR Series: 2RU Rack Mount Fiber Amplifiers
EAR Series: Two Way Mulitport EDFAs
Optical Services Transport Platform
Optimized Optical Amplification Solutions
0.5 Micron (Green Fiber Lasers)
0.5 micron Nano Pulsed Fiber Lasers
Pulsed Green Nanosecond Fiber Laser
Pulsed Green Nanosecond Fiber Laser Rack Mount
QCW Green Single-mode Fiber Laser
QCW Green Single-mode Fiber Laser Rack Mount
CW Green SF Fiber Laser
0.9 Micron (Diode)
PLD-10 Series
PLD-33 Series
PLD-60 Series
Direct Diode
1 Micron (YAG wavelength)
Continuous Wave
Single-mode Fiber Lasers
Multi-mode Fiber Lasers
Single Frequency
YLR LP-SF Series
Nano Pulsed Fiber Lasers
YLPN 1.5 ns, 100 W
YLPN 1.5 ns, 100 W
YLPN 25-100 ns, 10-100 W
YLPN 1-10 mJ, 100-500 W
YLPN 2-100 mJ, 100-1000 W
YLPN 120 ns, 4 kW
Quasi CW Fiber Laser
Pico & Femto Pulsed Fiber Lasers
YLPF 400-600 fs, 10 W
YLPP 10-20 ps, 30 W
YLPP 70 ps, 20-50 W
YLPP 0.15x5 ns, 30 W
Randomly Polarized
YAR Series
YAR-SF Series
Linearly Polarized
YAR-LP-SF Series
1.5 Micron
Continuous Wave
ELR Series
ELR LP Series
Single Frequency
ELR SF Series
Randomly Polarized
EAR Series
Linearly Polarized
EAR-LP Series
Single Frequency
EAR SF Series
EAR-LP-SF Series
Broadband Sources
2 Micron Fiber Lasers
Thulium CW Fiber Laser
Thulium CW Fiber Laser Module
Pulsed Thulium Nanosecond Fiber Laser
Raman Fiber Laser
Orange Raman Fiber Laser
Red Raman Fiber Laser
Product Accessories
Cutting Heads
Welding Heads
Welding Heads D30 IPG
Welding Heads D50 IPG
Laser Seam Stepper
Microprocessing Systems
Microprocessing Systems Overview
Industrial Micromachining Systems
IX-100-C Micromachining System
IX-200-F Micromachining Workcell
IX-210 Dicing System
IX-255 UV Laser Micromachining System
IX-260 Laser Micromachining System
IX-280-F Micromachining Workcell for Sapphire Cutting
IX-280-ML Multi-laser Micromachining System
IX-3000 Ablation System
IX-6100 Scribing System
C-6168 Picosecond Micromachining System
IX-6600 Micromachining High Volume Production System
Micromachining Systems for Research
IX-100 UV Laser Micromachining System
Micromachining Applications
Materials Processing Applications
Laser Cutting with Ytterbium Lasers
Laser Welding with Ytterbium Lasers
Laser Marking with Ytterbium Lasers
Laser Drilling with Ytterbium Lasers
Other Laser Processing Applications
Polymer Welding
Applications Request
Advanced Applications
Medical Applications
Telecom Applications
Broadband Access
EAR Series: 1 RU Rack Mount Amplifier
EAR Series: 2 RU Rack Mount Fiber Amplifier
EAR Series: Two-Way Multiport EDFAs for FTTx Networks
EAU-W Series C and L Band Fiber Amplifier for DWM
EAU-W Series C and L Band Fiber Amplifier for DWM
Smart Series DWDM Fiber Amplifiers
RLM Series: 1-10W Raman Single and Dual Wavelength
RLT-M Series Raman Laser Modules
RLT-R Series Raman Laser Rack Mount
RAR Series: Raman Fiber Amplifiers
Free Space
Applications Lab
Micromachining Applications
Laser Scribing of Thin Film Photovoltaic Panels
Laser Lift-off (LLO) for the Manufacture of High Brightness LEDs
Laser Micromachining of Ceramics, Alumina, Greensheet Ceramic
Thin Film Patterning
Laser Hole Drilling in Kapton Polyimide for Ink Jet Nozzles
Laser Micromachining of Polymers and Plastics
Application Facilities - Sample Processing, Evaluation & Project Planning
Application and Technical Notes
Fiber Laser Application Selection Guide
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California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure
Laser Safety
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Oxford, MA Area Hotel Information
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Resource Center
Application Facilities-Sample Processing, Evaluation & Project Planning by IPG
Application & Technical Notes
Fiber Laser Energy Savings Calculator
Fiber Laser Retrofit Services
Fiber Laser Tax Savings
Fiber Laser Application Selection Guide
Fiber Laser Application Selection Chart
Laser Performance Overview
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