Desktop Configurations

IPG’s advanced technology enables it to provide high power, high quality and high port count Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs). These amplifiers are provided in module, rack mounted or bench-top configurations. The bench-top EDFA configuration is specifically designed to be used in a laboratory research setting or as a development testing tool. 

The desktop EDFA is available in EAD and EAR series. The EAD series is a 0.5-5 W Universal Single Channel C- (1535-1570 nm) and L- (1570-1605 nm) Band Erbium Fiber Amplifier. The EAR series is a 1-50 W Single-mode High Power system which covers the spectral range from 1540-1600 nm. The EAR series can also be mounted within a 19” rack.


EAD Series: 40-500 mW Single C- and L-Band Erbium Fiber Amplifiers  

EAD Series: 0.5-5 W Single C and L-Band Erbium Fiber Amplifiers   EAD_Series

RLD Series: Desktop Raman Fiber Laser