TLM-120 Thulium CW Fiber Laser Module

IPG’s new Thulium Continuous Wave (CW) Fiber Laser Modules are available in air-cooled units, 1-50 W or water-cooled modules, 50-120 W. These compact modules can be purchased for single-mode or multi-mode operation with wavelength range of 1900-2050 nm. IPG’s Thulium modules are attractively priced for OEM’s and integrators and serve a wide range of medical, materials processing and laser pumping applications.

TLM Air-cooled IPG


 TLM Fiber Laser Modules
 Application Note #14: Welding Clear-to-clear Polymers with Thulium Fiber Lasers

Main Features:

  • Compact Size
  • High Wall-plug Efficiency
  • Beam Quality M2 <1.1 for Single-mode Version
  • Wide Selection of Wavelengths
  • Advantage over CO2 & Ho:Yag
  • Cost-effective, Compact OEM Solution


  • Medical Treatment
  • Medical Surgery
  • Plastic Materials Processing
  • Other Non-metal Materials Processing
  • Solid State IR Laser Pumping
  • Pollution Control