RLR Series Raman Laser Rack Mount

IPG's RLR Series Raman Fiber Lasers are manufactured using IPG’s high power pump diode lasers, which operate over a wide temperature range without requiring thermoelectric coolers (TEC). RLR Series lasers are being deployed in demanding ultra-long-haul DWDM transmission systems to provide distributed Raman amplification and remote pumping of Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs). Raman Fiber Lasers offer a superior pump source over other techniques such as frequency multiplexed single-mode laser diode combiners by virtue of proven high reliability, cost, efficiency and watt class powers. Linear polarization and output powers up to 50 watts are available on request. A dual wavelength output option is available to allow for gain flatness adjustment. The RLR provides a fully configured subsystem, including a high power WDM to allow connection to the transmission fiber and to the transmit or receive equipment. It provides a network ready element which is managed via the RS232 serial interface or SNMP based network management.


 RLR Series Raman Laser

Main Features:
  • 1100-1700 nm Wavelength Choices
  • 1,000,000 hours MTTF
  • Up to 10 watts Output Optical Power
  • Highest Electrical to Optical Efficiency
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Rugged Compact Module Packaging
  • Single or Dual Wavelength Option
    • Remote Fiber Amplifier Pumping
    • Distributed Raman Amplification
    • Repeaterless Submarine and Very Long Span System
    • Ultra- broadband Amplifiers