Telecom Rack Mounted Subsystems

IPG Photonics provides a wide range of amplifiers and lasers in both a 1 Rack Unit (RU) and a 2 RU height, rack mounted 19” chassis. These chassis can be customized to become an integrated shelf into any transmission, fiber to the premise, or CATV system. These rack mounted products are subjected to the most stringent testing requirements to ensure they meet your customer's high performance and reliability demands. Contact IPG Photonics to Transform your system today.

IPG’s EAR series of Erbium Fiber Amplifiers have been accepted by the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) of the United States Department of Agriculture. USDA RUS acceptance allows IPG’s cost-effective EAR Series of Erbium Fiber Amplifiers to be purchased using RUS loans and grants.

Fiber Amplifiers

IPG Photonics’ EAR Series EDFAs offers the highest power and port density Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) currently available to the telecom industry. IPG’s innovative technology enables telecom carriers to distribute optical signals to the largest number of users in the smallest available physical package. To illustrate, IPG is the ONLY developer and manufacturer that can provide up to 72 output ports with over 4 watt total power in a 2 RU (19”x12”x3.5”) chassis.

IPG’s advanced technology provides high power, high quality, and high port count pre-amp, line and booster amplifier versions. IPG’s low noise, high performance amplifiers are available in module or rack mounted configurations and are ideal building blocks for DWDM and CATV network solutions. The racks can be customized to fit in OEM product families.

EAR Series - 1 RU

EAR Series - 2 RU       

EAR Series - Two-Way Multiport EDFAs for FTTx Networks                            

EAR Series - Booster EDFA Amplifiers for Long Haul Systems

    Rack Mounted Fiber Lasers

IPG’s telecommunications innovations have changed the playing field in the long haul and the ultra long haul marketplaces. IPG’s Raman pump fiber laser technology allows service providers to extend Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexed (DWDM) network links beyond previously achievable distances of more than 350 km without the need for amplifiers or repeaters within the link.

These lasers can be deployed in rack mounted chassis to augment the OEM DWDM system or integrated as modules into OEM DWDM systems. These RAMAN pump sources are ideal for integration into advanced DWDM systems which use distributed Raman amplification in transmission fibers to improve noise characteristics, flatten gain, and increase span length.

RLR Series Raman Laser Rack Mount