EAU Series: Low Noise Erbium Amplifier Modules for FTTH & CATV Applications

The EAU Series of low-noise, high performance erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) are the ideal building blocks for FTTH and CATV equipment manufacturers requiring C-band or L-band optical amplification. IPG’s EAU Series modules are board-mountable EDFAs designed for single optical channel systems. With the EAU Series, OEMs can accelerate time to market and offer leading-edge multiport EDFA solutions that are ideal for today’s FTTH applications.

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   EAU Series

Main Features & Applications:

  • Total Output Power up to 5 w
  • Integrated Splitter Option up to 18 Ports
  • Low Noise Figure & CNR
  • Cooler-free Operation
  • Hardened Option for Outdoor Applications
  • Rack Mount Up-Packaging Available
  • Digital Control Interface