EAU-W Series: DWDM EDFA Modules for OEM Applications

IPG's full functionality EAU-W Series modules feature gain flatness, variable gain and mid-stage access. These amplifiers offer powers up to 25 dBm, are available in pre-amp, line and booster versions. 

All EAU-W Series modules feature wavelength flattened gain as input channels are added or dropped and the input power varies over the full input range. Transient control is featured on all models with typical response time of 100-150µs. Units with VOA option dynamically maintain gain flatness. Units with mid-stage access allow dispersion compensation modules to be incorporated into system design and deployments without sacrificing noise figure or power.

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   EAU-W Series

Main Features & Applications:

  • 1536 to1565 nm Bandwidth
  • Compact
  • High Efficiency
  • Cooler-less Pump Design
  • Ideal for Very Long Haul Systems
  • Gain Flattened
  • Transient Control
  • Optional VOA
  • Optional Mid-stage Access