Telecom Modules

IPG Photonics provides a wide range of amplifiers and lasers in small size module configurations for easy integration into OEM systems. These modules are designed to fit in chassis as small as 1 RU in height or be mounted on cards that are integrated into DWDM, OADM and Cross-connect systems. Our proprietary testing and manufacturing procedures insures the highest performance and reliability modules available in the market. Contact IPG Photonics to Transform your system today.


IPG's EAU Series amplifiers are the highest power and port density of any Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) currently deployed in the telecom market and are enabling telecom carriers to distribute optical signals to the largest number of users in the smallest available physical package.

IPG’s advanced technology enables it to provide high power, high quality, and high port count pre-amp, line and booster amplifier solutions. These modules can be customized to fit in OEM product families. These low noise, high performance amplifiers are ideal building blocks for DWDM, OADM, FTTP and CATV network solutions. Call Dan Valcour of IPG Telecom Sales, (508) 373-1173 to discuss your OEM needs.


IPG’s telecommunications innovations have changed the playing field in the long haul and the ultra long haul marketplaces. IPG’s Raman pump fiber laser technology allows service providers to extend DWDM network links beyond previously achievable distances of more than 350km without the need for amplifiers or repeaters within the link.

These lasers are typically integrated into OEM systems and are provided in a module form factor. IPG's Raman laser modules are an ideal solution to improve noise characteristics, flatten gain, and increase span length for advanced DWDM systems. 

RLM Series Raman Fiber Laser Modules