EAR Series: Booster EDFA Amplifiers for Long-haul Systems

Enabling DWDM or Single-channel Applications with the Most Powerful and Reliable Amplifiers Available

EAR Series Booster Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) provide up to +33 dBm total output power to enable long-span single-channel and DWDM links. EAR Series booster amplifiers can be configured for use with RLT Series Raman pumps to support even greater distances without needing repeaters.
All IPG amplifiers and lasers are manufactured using IPG’s uniquely reliable high power pump laser diodes, which operate over a wide temperature range and without thermoelectric coolers (TECs).

IPG booster amplifiers come in a standalone 2 RU package with dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies. The front panel has an RS 232 craft interface as well as RJ-45 ports for SNMP-based communication and control. Alarms are displayed through easy-to-read LEDs.

IPG’s Automatic Line Shutdown (ALS) option provides continuous monitoring of link integrity and will shut down the high power optical signal in the event of a break. The ALS senses when the link is re-established and will restart the system automatically.

The Pre-amp & Booster chassis supports up to 25 dBm output power to the line and has a -38 dBm received sensitivity. The unit can support an optical margin of up to 59 dB.



 2 RU Booster


1 RU Pre-amp & Booster

IPG’s EAR series of Erbium Fiber Amplifiers have been accepted by the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) of the United States Department of Agriculture. USDA RUS acceptance allows IPG’s cost-effective EAR Series of Erbium Fiber Amplifiers to be purchased using RUS loans and grants.


EAR Series: Booster EDFA Amplifiers for
Long-haul Systems


Main Features:

  • Output Power as High as +33 dBm
  • Supports DWDM or Single-channel Operation
  • Hot-swappable Redundant Power Supplies
  • SNMP Capable with RJ-45 Port for Remote Communication and Control
  • Pre-amp & Booster Chassis Ideal for Low Power SFP Line Interfaces; Supports up to 59 db Optical Budget
  • Automatic Line Shutdown (ALS) in the Event of Fiber Breaks
  • Cooler-free Pumps for Higher Reliability and Lower Power Consumption
  • Configure with IPG's RLT Series Raman Pumps to Increase Links up to 400 km
  • NEBS Level 1 Compliant Design