PLD-10 Series: 10 W High Power Multi-mode Laser Diodes

The Future has arrived with IPG’s revolutionary technology incorporating high power diode lasers for direct material processing, fiber laser & solid state laser pumping, graphic arts, medical, solar, semiconductors & customs applications. Together, we have The Power to Transform® through reduced risk, accelerated time to market & lower cost of ownership.

IPG’s semiconductor products division is the largest vertically integrated high power single emitter based diode laser manufacturer in the world. IPG Photonics leverages its proven telecom and fiber laser reliability with single emitter technology in the 915-980 nm wavelength range.

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PLD-10 Series IPG



  PLD-10 Series

Main Features:

  • Up to 10 W output power in 0.12 NA
  • 915-980 nm wavelength range
  • 105 or 110 µm aperture fiber
  • High Reliability
  • Robust Compact Package
  • Low cost per Watt


  • Direct Diode Lasers
  • DPSS Laser Pumping
  • Fiber Laser Pumping
  • Graphic Arts/ Printing
  • Illumination
  • Material Processing
  • Medical & Dental
  • Micro-Plastic Welding
  • Photovoltaic