Pulsed Fiber Lasers

IPG’s Pulsed fiber lasers are available in several different power ranges with average powers up to 4 kWs and peak powers up to 150 kilowatts. These compact fiber lasers feature low divergence and can provide the fluency required for high speed marking of both plastics and metals. The 7 mm beam diameter is ideal for integration into a scanner or conventional focusing system.

Q-Switch fiber laser applications include marking, trimming, micro-machining, bending, diamond cutting, silicon cutting and scribing.

YLPS-20 Picosecond Ytterbium Fiber Laser  
Short Pulse Ytterbium Fiber Laser  
YLP Series: High Energy Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Lasers @ 1070 nm  
YLP Series: High Energy Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Laser 10 mJ @ 1070 nm