YAR-LP-SF Series: 1-50 W Ytterbium Fiber Amplifiers

The YAR-LP-SF Series is a line of universal high power single-mode, fiber amplifiers covering the spectral range from 1030 - 1070 nm with bandwidths of 10-20 nm depending on output power. The series includes 1 - 50 W versions.

The YAR-LP-SF Series can be used for variety of applications including coherent beam combining, detection systems, sensing and other applications. IPG's YAR Series-LP-SF Series amplifiers do not need water cooling or replacement parts and require only a 110/220V AC power source to provide amplification for your low power signal.



 YAR-LP-SF Series

Main Features:

  • Up to 50 W Saturated Output Power
  • Single-mode Fiber Delivery
  • Highly Reliable
  • Automatic Power and Current Controls
  • No water-cooling
  • Output Isolator Option


  • Coherent or Spectral Beam Combining
  • Detection Systems
  • Sensing
  • Scientific
  • Industrial