ELR SF Series:  1-30 Watt Single Frequency Erbium Fiber Laser

The ELR SF Series is a single frequency version of an ELR Series Erbium fiber laser.  This unique instrument combines a diffraction-limited, single frequency (<50 kHz), high-power CW light source in an “eye-safe”* (1540-1600 nm) spectral range with all solid-state laser reliability.  Its turnkey operation, compact size, and air-cooled simplicity make it an ideal light source for OEM or lab applications as well as a variety of IR systems. 

Purchasers can select from a wide range of options including: circular polarization, kHz or MHz linewidth, direct (up to 2 kHz) modulation, optical isolation at the output, package, redundancy, termination and many others.

* - “Eye-Safe” operation generally means that eye damage threshold is significantly higher than for 1064nm lasers.  Nevertheless IPG recommends that appropriate eyeware be worn and laser safety procedures be followed.


Main Features:

  • Up to 30 W
  • Linewdith down to <50 kHz
  • Wavelengths from 1540-1600 nm
  • 100,000 hrs Est. Pump Diode Lifetime
  • Air or Water-cooled
  • SM Fiber Delivery
  • Linearly or Circular Polarization Options


  • Atmospheric Measurements
  • SHG Applications
  • Mid-IR Crystal Lasers and OPO Pumping
  • Biomedicine
  • Optical Tweezers
  • Research & Development
  • Medical