EAR-LP Series: 1-30 W Linearly Polarized C or L Band Erbium Fiber Amplifiers

The EAR-LP Series is a line of universal broadband, high power, linearly polarized, single mode fiber amplifiers covering the spectral range from 1540 to 1600 nm.  The series includes 1-30 W versions. These user friendly devices are designed to serve laboratory or OEM maintenance free applications over a wide range of ambient conditions.

Typical bandwidth of the amplifier is 10-25nm (depending on output power) which allows for tunability of input signal for exact wavelength matching.  Input power range can vary from microwatts to 10s of milliWatts. 

EAR-LP Series amplifiers do not need water cooling or replacement parts. They require only a 110/220V AC power source to provide amplification for your low power signal.EAR-LP Series is optimized for linearly polarized CW or pulsed   input signals and can be used for variety of applications including coherent or spectral beam combining, detection system, free-space communications, and other applications.

Main Features:

  • Output powers up to 30 W
  • High extinction ratio
  • No maintenance
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Linear or circular polarization
  • Automatic power and current control


  • Coherent  or spectral beam combining
  • Detection systems
  • Free-space communications
  • High power testing