High Power 9xx nm Multimode Diode Lasers

IPG Photonics leverages its proven telecom and fiber laser reliability with single emitter technology from 10 W up to 60 W diode lasers out of 110 μm single core fiber. IPG takes advantage of technologies and vast experiences from the mature telecommunications industry. The high reliability of IPG’s single emitter pumps is proven by their excellent in-field reliability record. The PLD Series at
9xx nm are high power multimode diodes with a wall-plug efficiency close to 60%.

IPG’s experienced team will work with you to customize your configurations to assure you have the optimal solution matched to your requirements. 

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PLD-10 Series: 10 W High Power Multi-mode Laser Diodes    
PLD-33 Series: 30 W High Power Multi-mode Laser Diodes  

PLD-60 Series: 55 W High Power Multi-mode Laser Diodes        


Direct Diode Laser Systems

DLR Series: Direct Diode Fiber Pigtailed Laser Systems Operating at 980 nm