Low & Mid Power Fiber Lasers for Materials Processing

IPG offers low- and mid-power fiber lasers at mid-IR and Green wavelengths, in either a continuous wave or pulsed operation OEM module and rack-mounted system formats, making system integration fast and trouble-free. IPG manufactured diodes are also offered in a full line of rack-mounted or module-based, industrial grade systems. Find the laser most appropriate for your application needs.

Fiber Laser Application Selection Guide

The YLR-QCW is designed as an affordably priced, fiber-based alternative to flash lamp-pumped YAG lasers (1070 nm). It provides up to 15 J energy and peak power in a small package and is 10X more efficient than a comparable YAG laser. Models available include 1.5 kW peak power with ≤1500 W average power; 4 kW peak with ≤400 W average power and 6 kW peak with ≤600 W average power; duty cycle is defined by maximum average power.

YLR Series
A full line of rack-mounted 1070 nm, CW lasers from 20 W to 1 kW. Can be modulated to 50 kHz with pulse width down to 10usec. Other modulation options available. All Single Mode with M2=1.05, including options for multi-mode feed fibers required for flat-top beam shaping. Air-Cooled to 500 W. Integrated collimators to 300 W. Other collimator and connector options are available as well as time sharing and multiporting optical options.

YLM 1070 nm
Continuous Wave Ytterbium Fiber Laser Modules are designed for maintenance-free OEM applications with power options of 5 W, 10 W, 20 W and 50 W. The YLM diode-pumped fiber laser delivers a diffraction limited (M2 <1.1) 1.07 micron laser beam directly to the work site via a metal-sheathed single mode fiber cable terminated by a collimator.

YLP-HP Series
High Power range of the YLP lasers, delivered as Rack Mounted lasers for high speed and exacting micromachining precision. Typical M2 ~ 5-10. Laser machining processes, requiring these lasers generally involve proof-of-concept and process development work by customer and IPG Application Centers. Sample range of parameters; contact IPG for more details: 2 mJ, 50 kHz, 100 W, 500 nsec and 10 mJ, 20 kHz, 200 W, 400 nsec.

YLP Series
A range of general purpose pulsed laser modules for marking, deep engraving and micro-machining. M2 of 1.5. Delivered in Module form with a beam collimator integrated to the fiber. Available with different output beam diameters. Options: YLP-10-HC, 10 W, 0.5 mJ, 20 k-200 kHz; YLP-20-HC: 20 W, 1 mJ, 20 k-200 kHz; YLP-30-HC, 30 W, 1 mJ, 30 k-300 kHz; YLP-50-HC, 50 W, 1 mJ, 50 k-200 kHz

The YLP-R laser features a short pulse width, frequency adjustable seed-MOPA. It provides 1.5 nsec to 10 nsec pulse widths and 0.06 mJ at 300 kHz-0.3 mJ at 60 kHz and is specified for 18 W average power at 500 kHz and M2 <1.3 in a rack mount system. The YLP-R is well-suited for micromachining of highly reflective surfaces, precision scribing or ablation and other difficult processes requiring small heat affected zones.

The YLP-M is a pulsed laser module (1070 nm) with pulse length selectable from 4-200 ns, typical M2=1.5, 20 W average power at up 1 MHz repetition rate, up to 200 W will be available soon. This is a well-suited laser for difficult polymer marking and precision micromachining applications requiring minimal or no heat affected zone.

A 532 nm, green wavelength version of the YLP laser available in 5 W and 10 W with each producing M2=1.2. The 5 W version operates at a maximum of 300 kHz with 1.3 nsec pulse width and 0.014 mJ per pulse. The 10 W version operates to 600 kHz with the same pulse width and mode. Excellent choice for high speed metal marking requiring little or no heat affected zones.

The YLP-RA is available in two versions and also six models: 0.5 mJ/ 25 nsec and 1 mJ/ 50 nsec and from 20 kHz/ 10 W up to 30 kHz/ 30 W. A remote amplifier (RA) doubles the peak power to 20 kW while maintaining the pulse energy and mode quality (M2=1.5). The YLP-RA is ideal for fine stainless steel or nitinol wire cutting and other ablative and cutting processes requiring high peak power with precision beam quality.

The YLP-C is designed specifically for gray scale, bit stream marking and applications that demand smaller space requirements. These lasers have a have a fast turn-on, turn-off time with asynchronous triggering and are available in 1 mJ and 0.5 mJ versions with 100 nsec and 30 W.

DLR Series
A full line of rack-mounted, direct diode industrial grade CW lasers from 20 W to 1 kW at 970 nm typ. with other wavelengths available. These lasers can be modulated to 50 kHz with pulse width down to 10 μsec. Units are air-cooled to 500 W; other modulation and collimator options are also available.

IPG Photonics Application Facilities continuously perform R&D for proof-of-concept through process development of all materials processing applications with end users and systems integration partners. Contact any of IPG’s application facilities to arrange complimentary sample processing, evaluation & project planning.