Dual Channel CW/Pulsed Tunable Cr:ZnSe/S Laser


IPG Photonics offers dual channel CW/pulsed tunable Cr:Zn/Se/S laser system. This laser system provides independent continuous wave and nanosecond pulsed outputs from two different ports, over 10 W CW and 3 W pulsed. Typical pulse duration of the gain-switched pulsed channel is 5 ns. The laser is pumped by IPG Photonics’ efficient and reliable thulium fiber laser. This laser is used in R&D settings in medical, materials processing and other applications.


 CW HPTL-GS HETL Integrated Series

Main Features

  • Tunability 2300-3000 nm
  • CW Channel Output Power up to 15 W
  • GS Channel Output Energy up to 5 mJ
  • Pulse Duration 5-20 ns
  • Repetition Rate 0.1-1 kHz
  • TEM00 Output Beam Quality  


Typical Applications

  • Medical Applications
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Materials Processing



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