Green Fiber Lasers

Fiber Lasers in the green spectrum range enable IPG to serve new markets and applications. At output wavelengths of 532 nm, the new green fiber lasers provide the high single-mode beam quality, ease of use and high reliability that IPG’s fiber lasers are known to deliver at lower prices than competitive green lasers.

IPG's CW Green Single-frequency Fiber Laser is a family of single-mode, single-frequency CW green fiber lasers with output powers up to 50 W. Based on IPG’s pioneering highly efficient and reliable fiber laser technologies, GLR lasers feature a super-compact lightweight optical head, connected with a fiber cable to an air-cooled rack-mounted main laser console.

IPG's QCW Green Single-mode Fiber Laser GLPN-100-M offers a cost-effective industrial-grade OEM modular version of the popular high power, single-mode green fiber laser with 100 W maximum output power with low power consumption and a small footprint.

IPG's QCW Green Single-mode Fiber Laser GLPN-500-R features a ground-breaking maximum average power of 500 W in a perfectly single-mode output beam. IPG's GLPN-500-R takes advantage of the quasi-CW operation mode to allow for a high-efficiency super compact optical head that does not require any cooling. 

Continuous Wave Green Fiber Laser

QCW Green Single-mode Fiber Laser


QCW Green Single-mode Fiber Laser