Pulsed Green Fiber Laser Module GLPM

IPG's NEW pulsed green fiber lasers provide a high peak power with scalable average output power up to 50 W, pulse duration of 1 ns at full operational frequency range of 10-600 kHz. The all fiber format allows adjustment of pulse energy and/or change pulse repetition rate without affecting any of the output beam parameters.

Featuring M2 of <1.2, the novel fiber laser is much more efficient and compact than conventional lasers now on the market and is ideal for applications in the solar/photovoltaic arena, resistor trimming and marking of transparent materials. Higher output powers are planned.

Application Note #01: Laser Scribing for Thin Film PV Panels with a Novel Pulsed Green Fiber Laser


  Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Laser GLPM

Main Features:

  • 1 ns Pulse Duration
  • Wavelength: 532 nm
  • High Peak Power- Up to 200 kW
  • Output Power: Up to 50 W
  • Record Wall-plug Efficiency
  • Air-cooled


    • Solar / Photovoltaic
    • Micromachining
    • Plastic Marking
    • Materials Processing
    • Texturing
    • Si Ablation