Pulsed Green Nanosecond Fiber Lasers

GLPN 1.5 ns, 50-100 W

IPG's GLPN green nanosecond fiber lasers provide high peak power with scalable average output power from 10 to 100 W and pulse duration ~1 ns pulse at full operational repetition rate range from 10 to 600 kHz. GLPN green fiber lasers are much more efficient and cost effective than conventional lasers on today's market. They are offered as both OEM modules and end user friendly 19" rack mountable units. GLPN pulsed green lasers are ideal for applications in the solar/photovoltaic arena, resistor trimming and marking of transparent materials. The short wavelength, short pulse duration and high peak power result in a very small heat affected zone.

Application Note #01: Laser Scribing for Thin Film PV Panels with a Novel Pulsed Green Fiber Laser


  GLPN-200-1-50-M Green Nano Pulsed Laser

Main Features:

  • Wavelength: 532 nm
  • Output Power: Up to 50 W
  • Peak Power: >150 kW
  • Beam Quality: M2 <1.3
  • Very Small Heat Affected Zone
  • Air-cooled
  • Compact and Low Cost
  • Rugged Design


    • Materials Processing
    • Micromachining
    • Solar/ Photovoltaic
    • Scribing
    • Plastics Marking
    • Texturing
    • Si Ablation