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IPG Photonics designs, develops, manufactures and offers the full range of optical telecommunications networking products, from the component to the full system level, necessary to power Optical Broadband Access ( FTTH, RFOG) and Optical Transmission ( DWDM, OSTP) systems. These products, deployed in the world’s largest FTTH and longest distance DWDM networks include:

-The highest power and reliability pump laser diode (PLD) and doped fiber gain block components used in manufacturing telecom amplifiers and fiber lasers;

-Full spectrum, high sensitivity and multi-watt Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) and fiber Raman laser OEM modules necessary for DWDM and FTTH system manufacturers;



-Network Managed rack-mount subsystems for Broadband Access – multiport, DWDM and two-way EDFAs, Signal Transmitters, Optical Nodes; and for DWDM Transmission- DWDM EDFAs, wavelength converters, transponders, RAMAN lasers,  with auto-Safety management.

-Optical transport systems supporting Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) for transmission of multiple wavelength channels over a single optical fiber, and over extremely long distances without requiring intermediate regeneration or amplification. 

-The transponders and muxponders of the company’s Optical Services Transport Platform (OSTP) include versions supporting 100 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s.  IPG’s proprietary System on a Chip (SoC) designs use Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) to realize critical features such as Optical Transport Network (OTN)  Multiplexing, Crossconnect, Forward Error Correction (FEC) based on ITU G.709 as well as coherent transmission.

Telecom Overview

IPG telecommunications products are tailored to suit the different needs of OEMs, end users and researchers requiring solutions for long-haul transport, metro, FTTx, CATV and Free Space Optics (FSO) applications.  IPG will work with OEMs to provide fiber and laser modules for easy integration into existing chassis or card/blade platforms.  IPG design and MFG staff can partner with OEMs to provide field-ready turnkey products to accelerate time to market.



Contact IPG Photonics

Mark Cannata
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Direct: (508) 373-1340

IPG Photonics Announces Acquisition of Menara Networks

IPG Photonics Corporation announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Menara Networks, Inc., an innovator of enhanced optical transmission modules and systems, allowing IPG to offer more integrated telecom solutions and expanding IPG’s current telecom product offerings. Menara’s products are deployed in leading cable multi-system operators (MSOs), carriers and data centers in North America and in selected international networks.

The acquisition provides IPG entry into the growing optical pluggable systems market and leverages IPG’s international market access outside North America. The combination provides IPG with its own mixed signal ASIC proprietary designs that Menara is vertically integrating into advanced 100G/400G software-defined, flexible and configurable coherent DWDM transceiver modules. It expands IPG's telecom systems product offerings for 100G/400G markets with strong performance, cost advantaged, and accelerated time-to-market attributes. Major customers of Menara include a leading MSO, a large US data center operator and leading optical network system integrators, augmenting IPG’s list of communications network operators and service providers worldwide.

“The acquisition of Menara Networks is in line with our strategy to make bolt-on acquisitions that provide us with the talent, technology and products to enter large complementary markets,” said Dr. Valentin Gapontsev, IPG Photonics’ Chairman and CEO. “Since IPG was founded in the 1990’s, telecom products have been a staple offering for IPG, part of our DNA. This acquisition broadens and complements our telecommunications offerings and provides significant sales synergies. Together, we can offer our customers an expanded telecom technology platform with more integrated products with superior performance and economics. The acquisition also affords IPG a better position to capitalize on the robust growth of optical networking driven by video and broadband access.”

"The on-going shift to cloud based services and infrastructure has placed unprecedented strain on data centers and telecom/cable operators’ optical networks and presents a significant opportunity for Menara’s differentiated products,” comments Siraj Nour El-Ahmadi, Menara CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder. “We view the combination with IPG as a force multiplier to not only expand our market share vertically and geographically but just as importantly to bring about innovative and differentiated turn-key solutions that will effectively address the large and growing global DWDM market.”

IPG Photonics and Menara Networks had recently announced a partnership to provide an integrated solution for simplified repeater-less 100G DWDM transmission for metro and data center interconnection. Menara’s cost and foot-print-saving product suite of 10G and 100G WDM modules eliminate the need for high-priced transponder systems. Its suite of optical networking sub-systems is rapidly deployed, seamlessly integrated into current environments and requires minimal post-sales support.

IPG’s Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) and Raman Laser solutions are available in module, rack-mounted or bench-top configurations.  IPG’s technical staff are available to assist with network designs and optimization.  IPG’s design and MFG staff are available to help customize solutions for OEM partners.

OEM Modules


IPG’s module configurations are optimized for easy integration into OEM systems. IPG EDFA and Raman laser modules are designed to fit in rack mount chassis as small as 1 RU in height or be mounted on cards for integration into DWDM, OADM and cross-connect systems. Digital or simple analog control options are available.  IPG’s proprietary design and rigorous testing and manufacturing procedures deliver the highest performance and reliability modules on the market.

Rack Mount Lasers


IPG’s EDFA and Raman Laser solutions are available as field-ready rack mount systems for the end user or system integrator.  SNMP, RS232 local craft interface and a convenient front panel pushbutton control are standard.  All rack mount units feature dual redundant AC or -48 VDC power supplies and are ready to use out of the box.


Bench Top Units


For laboratory and/or research environments IPG offers bench-top versions of its EDFAs and Raman Lasers.  These units are optimized for easy, hands-on control and monitoring.


Custom Systems


IPG’s technical staff are available to customize solutions to your specific OEM or network requirements.  Let IPG assist you in determining the optimal solution configuration for your broadband access/FTTx, metro or long haul DWDM application.  Our design and MFG team can customize the optical and mechanical characteristics of our existing solutions for your OEM requirements - from providing modules for integration into your existing system to designing and building turnkey solutions to accelerate your time to market.

Simplifying and Future-proofing RFoG Networks

Repeaterless Optical Telemetry Applications

For more information please contact Mark Cannata by email mcannata@ipgphotonics.com or phone: (508) 373-1340.