IPG's unique technology platform allows our products to have higher output powers and superior beam quality than are achievable through traditional techniques. Our proprietary designs are based around innovative pumping techniques and high-performance components perfected by IPG over a 16-year period of intense investment and innovation.

Unsatisfied with the quality and performance of high-power components available from commercial vendors, IPG is the only vertically integrated manufacturer of fiber lasers. We design and manufacture key components used in our finished products, from semiconductors diodes to special fibers and optical components, fiber lasers and amplifiers. Our closely-coupled development and manufacturing capabilities have resulted in greater output powers, that the effect on quality and cost have been profound. Equally important, IPG's diodes are brighter, higher-quality and more reliable than any other diodes available on the merchant market.

IPG's use of high-power single-emitter diode pump sources sets IPG well apart from competing laser products that use short-lived diode bars and stacks. Our broad-area diodes have an estimated 10-year life span, eliminating worries about replacement costs and downtime.