As a long-time OEM supplier, IPG is intimately familiar with the understandably unforgiving standards expected of component and subsystem vendors. We know our customers depend on our lasers and amplifiers to operate without failure in mission-critical and safety-critical applications. Our confidence that our lasers and amplifiers will meet these expectations is based on the empirical comfort that comes with the most rigorous testing and quality control standards. Our key components are tested or burned-in for hundreds of hours, and in the end, we only use the best components that have passed our stringent control standards.

IPG Photonics is certified ISO 9001:2008, giving our customers the assurance that our business processes are both well-documented and conform to the same standards of quality upheld by most of the world’s largest and most highly-regarded companies.

Beyond the words stands our bottom-line commitment to quality: the best warranty in the industry.