DWDM, Long-Haul and Ultra-Long-Haul 

DWDM solution has proved to be a major advantage and preferred solution to the majority of service providers. It allowed them to extend the life of the existing fibers and reduce operational and capital expenses by maximizing their bandwidth capacity. DWDM solution also provides the mechanism to integrate seamlessly and transport TDM and SONET/SDH signals with Gigabit Ethernet and SAN extension. DWDM networks provide a true transparent optical network.

IPG’s telecommunications innovations have changed the playing field in the long haul and the ultra long haul marketplaces. IPG’s Raman pump fiber laser technology allows service providers to extend DWDM network links beyond previously achievable distances of more than 350 km without the need for amplifiers or repeaters within the link. IPG’s amplifiers have been qualified, deployed and are being designed into a large number of products for leading telecom system manufacturers.

IPG provides a broad range of products for DWDM applications including EDFAs and Raman Lasers, in a module level or in a rack mounted chassis. IPG also provides one of the most compact, an all optical ultra long haul DWDM system. The ULH DWDM system is an all optical layer DWDM solution optimized for up to 8 channels ultra-long-haul fiber network that can reach over 300 km without the need for expensive line amplifiers or repeaters.


EAU-W Series C and L Band Fiber Amplifier for DWDM Applications
Smart Series DWDM Fiber Amplifiers 
RLM Series: 1-10W Raman Single and Dual Wavelength Raman Fiber Laser 
RLT-M Series Raman Laser Modules 
RLT-R Series Raman Laser Rack Mount 
ULH DWDM System 
RAR Series: Raman Fiber Amplifiers