EAR Series: Two-Way Multiport EDFAs for FTTx Networks

Two-way Amplification for Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) Applications Reduces Space & Cost

A two-way EDFA is a novel approach enabling two-way RF service delivery as well as leveraging the capability and capacity of the fiber optic media by supporting many other potential wavelengths in the future. The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) EPON and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) GPON standards accommodate RF video delivery using a 1550 nm wavelength overlay. In addition, the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) has developed a set of standards called Radio Frequency over Glass, or RFoG. The RFoG standards specify the requirements to support two-way RF delivery over FTTH networks. The RFoG standards have been developed so that two-way RF services can co-exist on the same GPON and EPON networks.

IPG’s EAR Series EDFAs offer the widest flexibility in output power and port count available today in the market. 1 RU packages are available for deployments requiring lower port counts. IPG’s EDFAs can be cascaded within a single equipment rack to support long-term growth as new homes are connected over time. IPG’s proprietary multimode side-pump technology increases power scalability while reducing component count. IPG combines pumps in a high-power, redundant design with intrinsic “soft-fail” characteristics, providing the multi-layer reliability required in a network building block. IPG’s experienced team of engineers and scientists will work with you to customize configurations, electrical connections and optional characteristics to assure you have the optimal amplification solution matched to your network’s requirements.
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IPG’s EAR series of Erbium Fiber Amplifiers have been accepted by the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) of the United States Department of Agriculture. USDA RUS acceptance allows IPG’s cost-effective EAR Series of Erbium Fiber Amplifiers to be purchased using RUS loans and grants.



   EAR Series: Two-Way Mulitport EDFAs

White Paper:   

    Simplifying and Future-proofing RFoG Networks with a Two-Way EDFA

 Main Features:

  • EDFA Cascade Increases CMTS Port Utilization
  • Upstream Wavelength Choice from 1585 or 1620 nm
  • Available for Extended Temperature Deployment (-40 to +65°C)
  • Up to 16 Output Ports in Compact 2 RU Package with Optional Integrated CWDM
  • Up to +23 dBm per Port Output Power for Downstream C-band
  • Eliminates RF Receiving, Combining & Upstream Transmission Equipment
  • Extends Life of PON Networks by Supporting Multiple ITU Grid Wavelengths in L-band