Broadband Access (CATV, FTTX, FTTP)

Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) applications open up a world of services to the end user by bringing the fiber bandwidth ever closer to the home or business. IPG has developed a series of EDFA products that support different optical network architectures in this market that includes Passive Optical Network (PON), BPON (broadband PON), EPON (Ethernet PON), and GPON (Gigabit PON).

IPG EDFA products provide the highest number of ports available in a single EDFA. IPG provides an EDFA that supports up to 20 ports in a single 19 inch 2U (3.5 inch high) mounted chassis. This will allow service providers to support the highest number of customers in the minimal space possible, which reduces the overall power consumption and network cost.

EAR Series: 1 RU Rack Mount Fiber Amplifier   
EAR Series: 2 RU Rack Mount Fiber Amplifier  
EAR Series: Two-Way Multiport EDFAs for FTTx Networks   
EAU-W Series C and L Band Fiber Amplifier for DWM Applications