As the world’s leading provider of high performance optical amplifiers, IPG’s unmatched product performance, power, reliability and density are revolutionizing communication networks infrastructure. Our range of integrated photonic subsystems is both broad and deep, with compact module designs and rack mountable equipment that includes Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) and Raman fiber pump lasers. IPG's products are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure the highest performance and reliability results that our telecom customers have grown to expect. In 1990, we pioneered the introduction of cladding-pumped technology.

IPG's compact high efficiency Watt-Class multi-port EDFAs are the best solution for Broadband Access Networks, allowing distribution of advanced Video Services in CATV, HFC, and FTTx networks. Our EDFAs enable cost effective and ultra long reach transmission of DWDM signals. Our multi-wavelength multi-watt Raman fiber lasers are ideal sources for Raman pumping and amplification.

IPG's vertically integrated development and manufacturing operations efficiently support rapid manufacturing growth demanded by the industry while allowing IPG to continue pushing the technical envelope of performance, efficiency and reliability.


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