RLM Series Raman Fiber Laser Modules

IPG Photonics' RLM Series Raman fiber lasers were developed specifically to meet the rapidly growing demand in universal sources that could provide any wavelength within the 1200-1700 nm range with output power up to 30 W CW. These pumps are ideal for applications requiring a compact, high power, single-mode source such as telecom, medical and industrial to a variety of laboratory test and measurement and scientific applications.

Raman Fiber Lasers offer a superior pump source over other techniques such as frequency multiplexed single-mode laser diode combiners by virtue of their cost, efficiency and ease of achieving high power. Emission wavelengths can be selected anywhere in the range from 1100-1700 nm. Linear polarization and higher power output, up to 30 watts, are available on request.


  RLM Series

Main Features:

  • 1100-1700 nm Wavelength Choices
  • Up to 30 W Output Optical Power
  • Telecom Grade Reliability
  • Rugged Compact Module Packaging
  • Single-mode Fiber Output


  • Remote Amplifier Pumping
  • Distributed Raman Amplification
  • Repeaterless Submarine Systems
  • Ultra-broadband Amplifiers