Ultra-Long-Haul (ULH) DWDM Optical Transport System

Eliminates Line Amplifiers & Repeaters from Spans >300 km
Powered with IPG's Proprietary High Power Optical Pumping Technology Platform

IPG’s Ultra-Long-Haul DWDM is a high performance platform created to extend the optical reach of metro and long-haul networks. IPG’s unique ULH system, enabled by watt-class EDFAs and Raman pump fiber lasers, offers the service provider substantial increase in optical transport distances resulting in reductions in capital and operational expense. 

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 ULH DWDM System


 Main Features:

  • High Power Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) 
    • Pre-, Booster and Line Amps
    • Mid-stage Access for Dispersion Compensation
  • High Power Raman Signal Amplifiers
    • Single Wavelength, >0.5 W Co- and Counter-propagating
    • Multiple Wavelength
  • Remote Optically Pumped Amplifiers (ROPAs)
    • Hermetically Sealed EDFAs
    • Pumped in-line Directly with 0.5 W or 1.0 W 1480 nm
    • Pumped Externally with Direct 1480 nm or 2nd order 1390 (4 W) and 1480 nm


  • Metro Network Backhaul
  • Submarine and Undersea Networks
  • CLEC, Electric Utility, Transportation, Pipeline and Private Networks
  • SCADA and Telemetry Transport