Advanced Applications

Deep inside IPG’s laboratories, an experienced group of more than sixty laser scientists continuously pushes the envelope to develop novel and advanced laser and amplifier technologies.  While many of these creative innovations are delivered directly to our customers, new standards in efficiency, performance and reliability are also established for the company as a whole.

From atom trapping to space communications, from atmospheric wind measurement to ordnance destruction, IPG breaks down technical barriers to provide revolutionary laser solutions that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

The growing number of advanced applications using IPG's lasers and amplifiers include nuclear decommisioning, lidar/obstacle warning, optical pumping, test and measurement, remote sensing, coherent laser radar, interferometry, materials characterization and photonic Doppler velocitimetry.

Our products families include:

  • UV and visible range (350-800 nm)
  • 1 micron range (1020-1120 nm)
  • Raman products (1200-1530 nm)
  • 1.5 micron range (1530-1610 nm)
  • 2 micron (1800-2100 nm)  

IPG Photonics offers CW, pulse and tunable lasers, amplifiers and broadband sources.
Options include: linear polarization (LP), circular polarization (CP), single frequency operations (SF) or broadband operation.

Nuclear Decommissioning

IPG fiber lasers are well recognized as cost and time saving tools for cutting and processing metals of various grades and thicknesses; these savings are crucial for nuclear decommissioning applications.

By 2030, over 20 sites in the UK alone will need to be decommissioned, the process will include the cutting of both contaminated and non-contaminated metal pipes, cylinders and an array of metallic structures.

Conventional methods such as abrasive or flame cutting techniques are limited and will take decades to accomplish the enormous task on hand. Highly contaminated environments are especially difficult to access or work in for any length of time, as well as posing health and safety risks that are not worth taking. It is for these reasons that responsible contractors are thinking 'Out of the Box' and giving new innovative technologies the opportunity to transform the process and provide solutions. IPG’s fiber lasers are at the epicenter of this activity. The ability to deliver the required laser energy safely and efficiently for laser cutting applications or ablative techniques is central to this development. The ability to minimize contaminated surfaces and size-reduce components for safe and practical storage are significant breakthroughs that cannot be ignored.

IPG Photonics' fiber lasers are the tools that offer these benefits and advantages to the nuclear decommissioning contractors. Contact Stan Wilford for more information on how IPG’s fiber lasers can assist with your nuclear decommissioning project.

Nuclear Decommissioning Case Study - LaserSnake
OTC Robotics partnered with TWI demonstrates a snake-arm with IPG's YLS 5000 fiber laser cutting its way through metal sheets and pipework to reach the target location. View LaserSnake Video

Decommisioning - A Laser Alternative - View video courtesy of TWI here

Super Lasers to Speed Up Nuclear Decommissioning, NuclearCONNECT

When it comes to high power fiber devices, no one has more expertise or experience than we do.
Whether you’re testing components, or involved in pure research, having power to spare can be critical for success. Today, the combination of our patented and proprietary technology makes it possible for us to offer higher power levels than anyone else in the industry.