Medical Applications 

Compact in size, user-friendly, highly reliable, and broadly versatile, IPG’s diode-pumped lasers range from .98 micron to 2.0 microns can bring advanced solutions to many medical applications.

The highly efficient energy delivery and wide spectral tunability of these commercial lasers and amplifiers provide the industry’s most consistent beam quality over the entire power range from 1 to 100 watts in CW or pulsed modes.

With the ability to fine-tune optical penetration depth and absorption characteristics, IPG’s fiber lasers are an alternative to Ho:YAG and KTP lasers.

ELR Series: 1-100 W Single Mode Erbium Fiber Laser @ 1530-1600 nm  
TLR Series: 1-150 W Single Mode Thulium Fiber Laser @ 1800-2100 nm  
DLR Series: Direct Diode Fiber Pigtailed Laser Systems @ 980 nm