Fiber Laser Advantages

What you can expect from an IPG Laser

IPG’s low-order-mode kilowatt class fiber lasers range in power from 500 W to 50 kW, operating in CW or modulated modes up to 20 kHz with wall-plug efficiencies greater than 30%. The dynamic operating range of these devices is available from 10% to full power with no change in beam divergence or beam profile throughout the entire range. This allows a single laser to be utilized for both high and low-power applications such as welding, drilling and precision cutting, a previously unheard of capability.

IPG lasers’ divergence specifications are far superior than other lasers and allow the use of long focal length processing lenses for vastly improved depth of field, less damage to optical components and are ideal for remote welding applications. The units can be supplied with fiber lengths to 100 meters, different fiber diameters and variety of multi-port beam switches, beam couplers, termination optics and scanners.

Fiber lasers deliver their energy through an integrated flexible optical fiber. Fiber lasers have a monolithic, entirely solid state, fiber-to-fiber design that does not require mirrors or optics to align or adjust. These features make fiber lasers easier to integrate and operate in production, medical and other laser-based systems.

Fiber lasers are typically smaller and lighter in weight than traditional lasers, saving valuable floor space. While conventional lasers can be delicate due to the precise alignment of mirrors, fiber lasers are more rugged and able to perform in variable working environments. These qualities permit fiber laser systems to be transported easily.

The fiber laser is modular, built from multiple laser units, each one generating hundreds of watts of output power. This also allows the laser system to incorporate reserve modules and power margins. The redundant module feature is available in the YLS series of high power lasers. If something should happen with a regular fiber laser module it will shut off and allow the redundant module to start automatically, leaving the laser with no output power loss. An alarm would then be activated notifying the user that a modular requires service but still allowing the laser to operate under normal circumstances.

High Power Fiber Lasers

YLR Series

YLS-CL Series

YLS Series

Optical Coupling, Switching & Sharing


Laser Head IPG Photonics

High Power Fiber Laser Brochure

 IPG High Power Fiber Laser Brochure

Main Features:

  • Excellent Beam Parameter Product (BPP)
  • Constant BPP Over  Entire Power Range
  • Small Focus over Large Working Distance
  • Over 30% Wall-Plug Efficiency
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • Modular 'Plug & Play' Design
  • Compact, Rugged & Easy to Install
  • Estimated Diode Lifetime up to 100,000 hours
  • Integrated Coupler or Beam Switch