High Power Fiber Lasers for Industrial Applications

High power fiber lasers are created from active optical fibers and semiconductor diodes, a merger between two of the most innovative and advanced laser technologies. Fiber lasers use single emitter semiconductor diodes as the light source to pump the active fibers. The laser beam emitted is contained within optical fibers and delivered through an armored flexible cable. Active fibers, special optical fibers doped with rare earth ions, allow for an extremely bright light from a very small core, thus making possible the production of kilowatt class output with excellent beam quality. IPG uses many proprietary technologies to create the undisputed best beam quality kilowatt class lasers available in the market today.

The combination of technologies results in a unique, highly reliable and superior performing laser system with parameters exceeding any traditional laser technology. Our robust fiber lasers share common attributes of compact size, long diode life, low maintenance operation, high wall-plug efficiency and completely consistent beam divergence and beam profile at all power levels.

Fiber Laser Advantages - What to Expect from an IPG Laser

High Power Fiber Lasers

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High Power Fiber Laser Brochure

 IPG High Power Fiber Laser Brochure

Main Features:

  • Excellent Beam Parameter Product (BPP)
  • Constant BPP over Entire Power Range
  • Small Focus over Large Working Distance
  • Over 30% Wall-plug Efficiency
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • Modular 'Plug & Play' Design
  • Compact, Rugged & Easy to Install
  • Estimated Diode Lifetime > 100,000 hours
  • Integrated Coupler or Beam Switch