IPG Photonics manufactures multiple lines of industrial lasers which, despite being massively powerful, have performance characteristics that exceed the stringent demands of telecommunications equipment standards. Our diode-pumped fiber lasers and fiber-delivered direct-diode lasers include single-mode systems ranging past 1 kW, low-order-mode products up to 50 kW, Q-switch lasers to 25 kW, multi-mode diodes up to 100 W, Green CW and Pulsed lasers and direct-diode lasers up to 10 kW.

All of IPG’s robust fiber lasers share the common attributes of extremely compact size, long diode life, maintenance free operation, the highest wall-plug efficiency of any industrial laser and completely consistent beam divergence and beam profile at all power levels.

Our lasers can be found enabling applications in the micro-electronic, printing, automotive, medical device, ship building and aerospace industries where they are applied to materials ranging from micro-machining of medical stents and memory chips, to deep penetration welding of heavy-walled pipe.

One of the most revolutionary characteristics of fiber-delivered lasers is the flexibility to be easily integrated into conventional 2-axis and multi-axis cutting machines, robots, and scanning systems. These compact lasers – a footprint reduction of an order-of-magnitude – offer mobility that would be entirely impossible with outdated CO2 or YAG laser systems. With estimated diode lives over 100,000 hours, an IPG diode should not need to be replaced during the normal life span of the system.

Technical Notes: IPG Photonics is continually developing new fiber laser technology, quite rapidly at times. New lasers with new capabilities allow previously unexplored applications and entirely new processing phenomena to be identified and studied. IPG’s Applications Facilities are striving to keep the laser industry up-to-date with Technical Notes that outline new laser developments.