YLR- LP Series: 10 to 500 W Single-mode Linearly Polarized Ytterbium Fiber Lasers

IPG's YLR-LP Series represents a new generation of diode pumped single-mode, linearly polarized CW Ytterbium fiber laser systems with a unique combination of high power, ideal beam quality, fiber delivery and high wall plug efficiency. These laser systems possess a reliability that is unmatched by any other kind of solid state or gas laser system.

Wide selectivity of operating wavelengths, ultra-low amplitude noise, high stability and ultra-long pump diode lifetime complete an impressive list of advantages of this modern fiber laser system.

The main difference of this series compared to YLR-SM is that output light is linearly polarized making the YLR-LP Series ideally suited for many applications.




   YLR-LP Series

Main Features:

  • 1060 to 1070 nm Wavelength Range
  • Extinction Ratio >20 dB
  • TEM00 (M2 < 1.1)
  • Air- or Water-cooled Versions
  • 100,000 hours est. Pump Diode Lifetime
  • Maintenance-free Operation
  • Single-mode Fiber Delivery


  • Materials Processing
  • SHG
  • Medical
  • Scientific