ELR Series: CW Rack Mountable Erbium Fiber Lasers

IPG’s ELR Series laser is a unique instrument that combines a diffraction-limited, high power CW light source in an “eye-safe”* (1530 to 1620 nm) spectral range with fiber laser reliability. It’s turnkey operation and compact size makes it an ideal light source for material processing and a variety of IR systems. First manufactured in 1994 for airborne applications, these lasers have since been deployed in a vast variety of telecom test, R&D, industrial and medical applications.

Now with higher powers, more options and even better efficiency and reliability, the ELR Series remains the best solution for a zero-maintenance manufacturing or laboratory light-source.

*“Eye-safe” operation generally means that eye retina damage threshold is significantly higher than for 1064 nm lasers. Nevertheless, it is Class IV laser product that requires following safety procedures and  wearing appropriate eyewear.




 ELR Series 


Main Features:

  • Optical Output Powers from 1-200 W
  • Wavelengths from 1530 to 1620 nm
  • >10% Wall-plug Efficiency
  • Excellent TEM00 Beam Quality
  • >100,000 hours Pump Diode Lifetime


  • Plastic & Polymer Welding
  • Scientific Applications