Laser Welding with Ytterbium Lasers

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Lasers offer a wide range of welding capabilities such as spot, conduction, penetration and hybrid welding. Laser welding is performed virtually in every industry as it offers numerous benefits such as high welding speeds, short weld cycles, low heat input, low heat affected zone and minimal distortion.

The good beam quality of the fiber lasers coupled with high CW powers offers deep penetration welding as well shallow conduction mode welding. Modulating these CW lasers offer pulsed laser capabilities with high peak and low average power for low heat input applications. High modulation frequencies up to 10 kW on high power lasers offer very high throughput in pulsed applications. The fiber delivery offers flexibility to integrate into conventional weld head, Galvo heads, robotic are and remote welding systems. Whatever the beam delivery employed, fiber lasers offer unparallel performance.

Typical spot welding applications include Galvo based beam delivery that deliver high speed welding of razor blades and HDD flexures that take advantage of the pulsed capabilities of the fiber lasers. Fiber lasers can be focused to small spot with extremely long focal lengths, thus remote laser welding capabilities with fiber lasers are highly enhanced. The benefit of large stand off in the order of 1-2 meters increases the work area multifold over conventional robotic systems. Such remote welding stations equipped with the fiber lasers include welding door panels, multiple welding of spot and lap welds all over the auto body frame. Other examples of fiber laser welding include full penetration of transmission components, deep penetration welding of thick steels for ships, hermetic welding of battery packs; pressure seals are few to mention.

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Application Examples:

  • Spot welding razor blades and HHD flexures
  • Hermetic welding of pace makers
  • Butt welding titanium panels
  • Conduction welding of diaphragms
  • Full penetration welding of  transmission gear and shaft assemblies
  • Welding thick steels
  • Hybrid MIG welding

Materials Welded:
Mild steels
Stainless steels
High Strength Steels
Titanium alloys
Aluminum alloys
Galvanized steels

Markets Served:
Steel Industry
Consumer products

Typical lasers for this application include:

YLR SM Series: 100W-1.5 kW Single Mode Ytterbium Fiber Laser @ 1064 nm   YLR Single Mode

YLR HP Series: 500W-20 kW Multi Mode High Power Ytterbium Fiber Laser @ 1070 nm  YLR High Power

Contact any of IPG's Application Facilities to arrange complimentary sample processing, evaluation & project planning.