Fiber Laser Application Selection Guide

The future has arrived with IPG’s revolutionary fiber laser technology, now available for tackling a wide variety of Material Processing applications. IPG offers low- and mid-power fiber lasers at mid-IR and Green wavelengths, in either a continuous wave or pulsed operation OEM module and rack-mounted system formats, making system integration fast and trouble-free. IPG manufactured diodes are also offered in a full line of rack-mounted or module-based, industrial grade systems.

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Fiber Laser Application Selection Guide

Choose your application type below to find the laser most appropriate for your application.

Application Type

Your company’s partnership with IPG enables your business’ forward movement with IPG’s Power to Transform® scalable technology. We support systems applications with trouble-free, highly efficient and lower risk laser capital equipment purchases.

IPG’s highly experienced technology team will work with you to customize your system configurations to assure you have the optimal solution that matches your volume requirements or difficult challenges.

IPG Photonics Application Facilities continuously perform R&D for proof-of-concept through process development of all materials processing applications with end users and systems integration partners. Contact any of IPG’s application facilities to arrange complimentary sample processing, evaluation & project planning.