CL-SF and CLT-SF, 0.2-10 W

Single-frequency Cr:ZnSe/S CW Lasers

IPG Photonics offers single frequency Cr:ZnSe/S continuous wave Mid-IR lasers. These lasers are offered as either fixed wavelength CL-SF or tunable CLT-SF models. The tunable range is from 2 to 3 microns with a custom selected central wavelength. Rapid tuning option is available. The lasers feature linewidth 0.5 to 10 MHz (typ. <1 MHz) and TEM00 beam mode quality. The SF series Mid-IR lasers provide from up to 10 W output power. These lasers are pumped by IPG’s efficient and reliable erbium (1.6 micron) or thulium (1.9 micron) CW fiber lasers. Single frequency Cr:ZnSe/S lasers are used in scientific and R&D applications such as high resolution spectroscopy, OPO pumping and free space communications.

Model SFTL-Cr-ZnSe-2300-1000


 SFTL Series

Main Features

  • Single Longitudinal Mode
  • Narrow Linewidth Operation
  • Any Central Wavelength within 2-2.6 µm Range
  • Output Power up to 10 W
  • Tunable Wavelength Range up to 500 nm
  • Rapid Wavelength Tuning Option
  • TEM00 Output Beam Quality



Typical Applications

  • High Resolution Spectroscopy
  • Free Space Communications
  • Terahertz Generation by Difference Frequency Mixing
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • OPO Pump Source 

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