RLM Series 1 W - 10 W Single and Dual Wavelength Raman Fiber Laser

The RLM Series Raman Fiber Lasers were developed specifically to meet the rapidly growing demand in the telecommunications industry for efficient, compact, high power, wavelength selectable single mode pump sources. These new pumps are ideal in advanced dense wavelength division multiplexed (DWDM) systems, which use distributed Raman amplification in transmission fibers as well as for pumping of remote erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs). 

Raman Fiber Lasers offer significant advantages over other techniques such as the use of frequency multiplexed single mode laser diode combiners, by virtue of their reliability, low cost, high efficiency, and high power. Emission wavelengths can be selected anywhere in the range of 1200 nm to 1600 nm. Typical wavelengths of interest include 1365, 1395, 1410, 1427, 1450, 1455, 1480, 1487, and 1497 nm. Other wavelengths are available on request. Higher power levels, up to 10 watts, are also available for research and test and measurement applications. Contact IPG Photonics to Transform your system today.


  RLM Series

Main Features:

  • 1, 2, or 4 Independently Controlled Wavelengths
  • Up to 10 Watts Total Output Optical Power
  • 1200 nm to 1600 nm Wavelength Choice
  • Telecom Grade Reliability
  • Compact Rugged Package
  • Very Cost Effective Solutions


  • Remote Amplifier Pumping
  • Distributed In-line Raman Amplification
  • Repeaterless Submarine Systems
  • WDM Raman Amplifiers
  • Ultra-broadband Amplifiers 
  • Research & Development
  • Test & Measurement