QCW Multi-mode Ytterbium Fiber Lasers

The Last Replacement Part you will EVER Need for your YAG Laser.

IPG’s NEW quasi continuous wave (QCW) fiber lasers are ideal for spot welding, seam welding & drilling in the long pulse operation mode. These air-cooled, compact units are substantially more cost-effective than conventional YAG lasers due to >30% wall-plug efficiencies and maintenance-free operation.

The QCW fiber lasers are available for requalifying existing lamp-pumped processes at IPG’s application facilities and applications labs. IPG's QCW Series also features a highly cost-effective OEM module. Retrofit services, including engineers familiar with system integration, are available to help customers replace older production lasers with energy-efficient fiber lasers from IPG.

      QCW Fiber Laser receives 2010 Prism Award
                  for Photoni
cs Innovation

      QCW Fiber Laser Video


   QCW Multi-mode Fiber Lasers 

    Application Note #05: Cutting with Long Pulse Fiber Lasers

   Application Note #15: Temporal Pulse Shaping of Millisecond High Pulse Energy Fiber Lasers

IPG QCW 6U                 

Main Features:

  • Replacement for Lamp-pumped Lasers
  • Outstanding Pulse Power/ Energy Stability
  • Highly Efficient >30% Wall-plug
  • Low Cost Solution offering High Peak Power
  • Versatile Fiber Laser Working in CW & Pulsed Modes
  • Beam Quality Optimized for Applications
  • Internal Pulse Generator & Pulse Shaping


  • Spot Welding
  • Seam Welding
  • Microwelding
  • Drilling 
  • Cutting
  • Batteries
  • Medical Devices
  • Computer Components