Laser Seam Stepper LSS1/ C-Gun

Applications & Configuration

The laser gripper has been developed as a replacement for conventional resistance spot welding guns in the automotive and consumer markets. This system can also be used for applications in material combinations which cannot be processed with the resistance spot welding device (e.g. resistance spot welding isn’t applicable to Aluminium).

The LSS1-system can be delivered in different configurations with the C-gripper and the Stepper. A high degree of utilization can be reached in a configuration of 2 or more laser grippers supported by one laser source and an advanced beam management system.

Technical Design
Laser Safety
Control System

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Laser Seam-Stepper LSS1/C-Gun

System Configuration Dual Controller

Two robots each with IPG’s LSS1/ C-GUN share a compact, double fiber laser system, consisting of the YLS-2000-S2T with 2 processing fibers, a double controller system, a combined water-cooled chiller and a pressure booster system.

The two robots coordinate access to the laser according to the FIFO principle with double controller system responsible for both IPG's LSS1/ C-GUNS by means of a beam switch. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Press Capacity Servomotor (Z-axis): 0.5-3.0 kN
  • Traverse Path Z-axis: 130 mm
  • Traverse Path Welding Head (Join Length): 40 mm max.
  • Wobble Amplitude: ±1 mm
    Frequency (Oscillation frequency): 3-30 Hz
  • Welding Speed Max.: 80 mm/s
  • Focusing Optics: 250 mm
  • Weight: <80 kg


  • Automotive
  • Railway Vehicles 
  • Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers
  • Consumables
  • Steel Furniture